JDC Line 1000

The JDC Line 100 is a new Hybrid highlight Product from GLP, combining the power of a strobe and the creative control of an LED pixel mapping device. Unlike other pixel mapped “video sticks” on the market which offer typical LED video brightness levels, the JCD Line 1000 offers a much brighter RGB Strobe level effect.

Strobe and RGB in ONE

Powerful strobing and RGB output through the same lens tube creates an incredible, uniform look and avoids the appearence of ugly separate LEDs or light reflections from white face LEDs.


  • Light Sourece
    • 400 RGB LEDs
    • 200 White LEDs
      • Display
        • Illuminated graphic LCD
        • Self charging buffer battery
      • Protocol
        • DMX-512
        • sACN
        • Artnet