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DSS, INC. is a full service event production company. Whether it is a conference for 1,000 sales-managers or a concert for a national entertainer, you need to feel confident that your production staff and equipment are ready for the challenge. With DSS, Inc., you can rest assured that every aspect of your event is meticulously handled. We leverage the latest in event technology alongside a production team that understands how to implement it seamlessly.

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Featured Gear

L-Acoustics KS21

The KS21 Subwoofer features a high-excursion 21-inch transducer in a durable bass-reflex enclosure, offering increased LF efficiency and versatile rigging options for ease of handling. Capable of delivering powerful low-frequency reinforcement with a usable bandwidth of 29 Hz to 83 Hz and IP55 rating for reliability, it suits a range of applications from small venues to large events.

L-Acoustics A15 Focus

The L-Acoustics A15 Focus Loudspeaker, with a 10° enclosure coverage and impressive 144 dB output, is ideal for production applications, offering exceptional performance and projection up to 45 meters. Featuring a 2-way passive constant curvature enclosure, durable construction, and versatile rigging options, it provides concert-level sound quality and adaptability for various audience geometries and applications

L-Acoustics A15 Wide

The L-Acoustics A15 Wide loudspeaker offers versatile scalability for audiences from 50 to 5,000, with coverage up to 150ft, featuring adjustable directivity and compatibility with various venue layouts and accessories, ensuring exceptional performance for events of any scale. With a 2-way 15″ passive enclosure, extended coverage, high output, and lightweight design, it delivers concert-level performance for diverse applications, making it an adaptable and reliable solution for events large and small.

L-Acoustics K3

The K3, L-Acoustics’ smallest full-range enclosure in the K Series, caters to mid-size events of 1,000 to 10,000 attendees, offering full-range performance without the need for an additional subwoofer. Weighing 95 lbs and 33% smaller than the K2, it’s designed for versatility, delivering powerful sound reinforcement in compact spaces for mid-size tours, festivals, corporate events, and more, while seamlessly integrating with other K Series models like K1 and K2 for scalable solutions.

Martin: MAC Ultra Performance

The MAC Ultra Performance redefines bright moving lights with its cutting-edge features and powerful 1150 W, 5800 K LED engine, producing an impressive 46,500 lumens. Designed for large-scale live events, it offers precise control, comprehensive features, and unparalleled output, making it ideal for concert, touring, broadcast, and theater applications.

ACME: Pixel Line IP

The ACME PIXEL LINE IP strip light combines versatility with durability, featuring a compact design and an IP66 rating suitable for indoor and outdoor use. With vibrant colors and effects powered by 672 RGBW LEDs and 112 cool white LEDs, it sets a new standard for strip lights in any production setting.

Martin: MAC Ultra Wash

The MAC Ultra Wash is a bold, no-nonsense workhorse and the brightest wash developed by Martin. Via it’s 1150 W, 5800 K proprietary LED light engine, the MAC Ultra Wash delivers a jaw-dropping 63,500 lumens from a 220 mm front lens and features incredibly fast 1:10 zoom range.

Aryton: Perseo Profile S

A versatile outdoor fixture with a 500W monochromatic LED source, high-resolution optics, and precise color mixing. It offers accurate positioning of shutter blades and gobos, controlled via DMX-RDM or wireless link, and has a robust cooling system with an IP65 enclosure rating.

ROBE Lighting: BMFL WashBeam

Featuring a wide 180mm front lens for a remarkable large beam and an impressive 300,000 lux output at 5 meters. This fixture offers versatile effects with a rotating gobo wheel, precise framing with four fast shutter blades, and the ability to project spot-like images on surfaces. With its dynamic framing system and 90-degree rotation, it allows for sharp or soft frames and enables captivating in-air beam effects.

Fujinon 4K Premiere Lens

Capture stunning 4K optical-quality images with the Fujinon 4K Premier UHD UA107X8.4 Box-Type lens. Featuring a high 107x zoom range. Its built-in 2x extender and optical image stabilization deliver versatility and steady shots, making it the perfect choice for exceptional imaging in various settings.

DiGiCo: Quantum 338

Delivering studio-quality mixes and top-tier features, the Quantum 338 digital mixer offers 128 input channels, 64 buses, versatile I/O options, high-performance signal processing, and an intuitive control interface with multi-touch screens, TFT LCDs, and motorized faders. 

Martin: MAC Aura XIP

Martin’s premium moving head wash light with a radical aura filament effect, full pixel control, and outdoor-ready design. Experience exceptional optical quality, versatile performance, and a lightweight construction suitable for various productions.

ROBE Lighting: RoboSpot

The RoboSpot follow spot system allows remote control of up to 12 fixtures simultaneously, eliminating the need for personnel in elevated positions. With a wide range of compatible fixtures and advanced controls, it delivers stunning synchronized visuals while ensuring operator safety and reducing setup times.

Martin: MAC Aura PXL

Experience brighter beams, wider wash fields, and a captivating multi-lens design. Featuring Aura backlight technology, and individual pixel control. 

Sony: HDC-3100

Discover the HDC-3100 system camera: a game-changer in live production. With its world-first 2/3-inch CMOS sensor, flexible formats, optical fiber transmission, and advanced features, it delivers premium HD pictures and endless creative possibilities.

Chauvet Color STRIKE M

Introducing the first color-enabled STRIKE fixture, featuring pixel mapping, color mixing, and an IP65 rating.

Chauvet Rogue R3 Wash

Feature packed, pixel mappable, with bright, evenly dispersed light, the Chauvet Rogue R3 Wash is a workhorse moving fixture.

Avid VENUE S6L-24D

Intuitive modern mix control and powerful performance in a compact package.

JDC Line 1000

Combining the power of LED strobes and the creative control of RGB Pixel Mapping in one unit.

Avolites D9-336 Canvas Controller

A dramatic evolution in production control.

L-Acoustics Kara II

The new erra of medium-format line array.

grandMA3 Consoles

A radical re-think of what’s possible from a lighting control platform. The elegant new system-architecture incorporates new fixture, feature and effects-handling at its very heart.

Yamaha RIVAGE PM5 Audio Console

The Rivage PM5 makes absolutely zero compromises when it comes to sound, operability, and reliability.