mac ultra performance

The MAC Ultra Performance sets a new standard for bright moving lights, featuring benchmark output, a cutting-edge framing system, and high-definition optics with minimal noise levels. Powered by a groundbreaking 1150 W, 5800 K LED engine, it delivers an impressive 46,500 lumens and includes advanced features such as high-resolution dimming, strobing, and Martin’s unique Animotion™ effect.

Designed for large-scale live events, the MAC Ultra Performance offers precise control with a 1:7 zoom range, refined optics, and a comprehensive feature set including color mixing, variable CTO, rotating gobos, animation wheel, frost, prism effects, and responsive pan and tilt. Compact yet robust, it excels in concert, touring, broadcast, and theater applications, showcasing unparalleled output and performance in a league of its own.

Cutting-Edge Lighting

MAC Ultra Performance sets a new standard with its high-output LED engine, advanced framing system, and low noise levels, providing exceptional illumination.

Powerful Performance

With 46,500 lumens from a 1150 W LED engine, this fixture offers high-resolution dimming, strobing, and unique effects, ensuring reliability for large-scale events.

Versatile Design

MAC Ultra Performance features precise zoom control, extensive features like color mixing and rotating gobos, and a sturdy, compact build, making it ideal for diverse productions from concerts to theater stages.