Yamaha Rivage PM5 Audio console


The RIVAGE PM5 Mixing System packs undiluted RIVAGE PM power and performance into a lightweight, intuitive console that is surprisingly slim. The addition of a third display screen has made it possible to offer a more touch-centric interface in a compact, significantly lighter console that is easier to transport, setup, and operate in a wide range of venues.

Transparent Sound

Created in collaboration with Rupert Neve Design and featuring a built-in Dan Dugan automatic mixer.

Designed for Confidence and comfort

Providing flexibility by combining five consoles, two types of DSPs, and two types of I/0 racks. Featuring 3 bays with 12 faders each, with each bay assignable to any variety of inputs and outputs. 

Lightweight and rugged

Surprisingly light at 92.6 lbs (42 kg), and easily be carried and positioned by two people. This impressive weight reduction has been achieved through state-of-the-art mechanical design and the use of a lightweight but extremely durable material.